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Course Details

This course consists of 2 modules, following are all the modules and their learning objectives.


Module 1: Theory for Natural Nail Services

Learning Objective
To equip students with theoretical knowledge for performing Natural Nail Services including Manicure & Pedicure process, proper sanitization & disinfection, nail disease and treatment, nail anatomy, professional nail tools and its usage, nail shapes and polishing techniques.


Module 2: Natural Nail Services and Manicuring
Learning Objective
To equip students with practical skills for performing Natural Nail Services including the following techniques:
1.    Customized Nail Styles & Filing Techniques
2.    Manicure Setup & Procedures
3.    Various Varnishing Techniques
4.    Cuticle Care Technique

5.    Cuticle Care Technique
6.    French Manicure Service
7.    Foot Care & Pedicure Setup
8.    Gel Manicuring Technique
9.    Massaging Techniques


Entry Requirements

Minimum Age: 16

Interested applicants must possess ONE of the following entry requirements:

Completion of 2 PSLE Level subjects (Grade AL 1-7) or its equivalent, inclusive a Pass in English/Chinese



Minimum 1 year salon working experience,


Subjected to case-by-case basis to be assessed by the Academic Board.


Language Proficiency: English or Chinese at PSLE level or equivalent

Assessments & Graduation

Assessment for this course comprises of in-class practical mock assessment and course assignments, which contributes a fraction of the total marks to determine the final result after the students sit for their Theory and Practical Examinations. Students will have to register for Theory and Practical Examinations. Certificate for Natural Nail Services will be awarded based on the overall result after passing the Theory and Practical Examinations together with computation of results from their Mock Assessment and Course Assignments.


Course Awards

Upon meeting all Graduation Requirements, you will graduate with a Certificate for Natural Nail Services by PRINA Institute.


Progression Pathway

The Certificate for Natural Nail Services serves as a pathway to the entry requirement for the Diploma in Nail Techniques & Artistry and forms part of the module in the Diploma in Nail Techniques & Artistry.


Graduation Requirements

Students will need to achieve a minimum attendance rate of 80% and achieve minimum of 80% in their total examination score computed with the following;

1.    Theory Examination (20%)
2.    Practical Examination (5
3.    Course Assignments (20%)

4.    Mock Assessments (10%)

Course Duration:                 51 Hours
Medium of Instruction:         English
Mode of Teaching:               Classroom
Trainer to Student Ratio:      1:20

Course Fee                          $800

Course Material Fee            $100

Exam Fees                           $200

Total Course Fee payable    $1100

Date of Commencement:    1 Aug 2023
End of Course Date:            30 Sep 2023

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Part-Time Courses:


Certificate for Natural Nail Services

Course Detail
Course Fees & Duration
Entry Requirements
Assessment & Graduation
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