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The student / applicant can submit an appeal to the School for the following issues: 

  • rejection of applicant for a course

  • examination results and marking of scripts

  • disciplinary actions taken by the School

  • dismissal or suspension of the student

  • retention, graduations and other awards

  • other actions or decisions made by the School pertaining to the student

The appeal case that is submitted to the School’s management will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Appeal of Assessment Results

Upon release of results, students who are dissatisfied with the outcome may submit an Examination Appeal Form. This is to be done within 7 working days of the release of examination results.


The School will acknowledge receipt of the Examination Appeal Form within 3 working days.


The School will review the appeal request and decide if it is a valid appeal. All decisions made by the Examination Board are final.


Student will be informed of the final decision within one month from the date of the appeal

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